My Bathroom Makeover [Part 1]: Painting the Ceiling… Black!

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My house was built in 1955 and was owned by just one family before me. I bought it from a 95-year-old woman when she decided to move in with her adult children. So, as you can imagine, the entire house is a little… well… dated.

She also loved green. Like, “every-surface-in-the-house-painted-green” loved green. Hospital mint green. It’s not a terrible colour, unless its on everything, then it’s horrid.

I love monochrome colour schemes in houses, so since I bought the house a little under a month ago I’ve been dreaming of greys, whites, blacks, and silvers covering the never ending mint.

So, let’s talk about my horrific bathroom.

Every inch of the walls were covered with this terrible high gloss green tile:

Literally every inch. Here’s a few more before photos so you can get an idea of the amount of shiny green in this tiny room:

I decided I wanted a massive change in here without a massive price tag. First, I painted the bathroom door (as well as the two bedroom doors) dark grey. I used Beauti-tone’s Designer Series Trim and Door paint in the colour Subway.

Painting the doors took a lot more work than I anticipated. I had to sand all the shiny varnish off the wood so the paint would stick. After taking the doors off the hinges and placing one on sawhorses, I sanded, patched, washed, taped, primed, and then painted all three doors. I did 3 coats of the paint to make sure they were covered evenly. They look so much nicer now than with the old shiny wood!

Next, I had to remove the towel bar, toilet paper holder, shower curtain rod, mirror, and tub grab bar (which I ended up selling to someone on Facebook for $20!) from the walls. The previous owner also loved hanging things on every wall so there were a few nails to remove too. I patched all the holes in the walls and covered the sink and toilet with garbage bags. I also put bags down on the floor and taped them to the baseboards. I used garbage bags instead of poly or drop cloths because I knew I was going to be throwing them out afterwards.

Now it was time to buff the walls so they were ready for paint!

I used 150 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the walls so the paint will adhere better. This took ages, but was absolutely necessary because of how glossy the tile was. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of how much dust covered the floor when I was done! I was so glad I put down the garbage bags first. I peeled the tape off and rolled up the bags to put in the garbage.

The walls were significantly less shiny after I finished sanding them:

I removed the cupboard door so I could start scraping some of the thick white paint off to refinish it. Scraping the paint off was super time consuming, but really satisfying.

I also started removing the silicone caulking around the tub before I remembered to take a picture. But I quickly decided I needed something better than a utility knife to do that. So instead of heading to the hardware store right away, I moved on to the next step.

I wiped all the walls down with water and swept the baseboards and floor. Now it was time to prep the ceiling to paint!

I taped along the edge of the ceiling and the fan using Frog Tape and a putty knife to press down the edges.

I cut in the ceiling with a 2″ angled paintbrush and Beauti-tone’s Designer Series Matte Interior Paint in the colour Silent Sea. Yes, it’s black! I couldn’t use regular ceiling paint since they normally have a white base, which wouldn’t allow the dark colour. The regular matte interior paint has a clear base, which allows any colour you want!

I used my EZ-Twist Paint Stick to put on my first coat of paint. This thing is amazing! Read my post about it here.

I decided to leave the attic hatch unpainted until the rest of the ceiling is dry. That way, I can open it to avoid painting it shut without getting dust particles all over my fresh black ceiling.

I let the paint dry for a few days with the bathroom fan running to make sure it all dried really well. Then I applied the second coat of paint. I was impressed with how easily this stuff covered the off-white underneath.

There were still a few spots in the cracks between the tiles that didn’t get covered, so I painted them by hand with a tiny paintbrush from my sister’s art supplies.

I’m obsessed with my black ceiling! Click here for part 2 of this DIY makeover, where I tackle the hideous green tile.

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Would you ever paint your ceiling black?! Did you have a super outdated room in your house? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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