My Bathroom Makeover [Part 2]: Goodbye, Ugly Green Tile

Hey everyone! Here’s part 2 of my bathroom update. Read part 1 here.

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So, here’s where we left off:

After I went out and bought a decaulking tool, I went to work on removing the gross, dirty silicone around the bathtub.


And after:

Some of the stuff on the walls got scraped off with the caulking, but I wasn’t too concerned since I’ll be covering up the edges with fresh silicone when the walls are all painted.

I vacuumed the cracks to make sure all the dust and gunk was gone, then rolled up some rags to put along the crack to make sure it stayed clean and dry.

Next, I took my utility knife and sliced along the tape around the ceiling and carefully peeled it off. I love how dramatic the black looks!

I wiped the walls down really well with water and let them dry completely. Then I took my Delicate Surface Frog Tape and taped around the ceiling so I could get started on the walls. I didn’t worry about taping along the trim, since the walls will be white which is the same colour the trim was already. Plus, I wanted to paint the trim but had to see how the white would look on the walls before choosing a colour.

I can’t even describe how excited I was to finally get rid of this horrible green.

I bought a can of Beauti-tone Signature Series Velvet paint and didn’t get it tinted since it has a nice white base to begin with. I did get them to shake it up for me at the store though. Since I’ve bought so much paint from Home Hardware, this can of paint cost me $0.70! Store loyalty pays off.

I cut in using a 2.5″ angled brush and then rolled the rest of the walls with my EZ-Twist Paint Stick. It was a bit hard to paint some spots because my bathroom is fairly narrow and the Paint Stick is quite long, but I made it work. Painting behind and under the toilet was interesting but not impossible!

Here’s how it looked after the first coat:

I’ll be painting the bathtub and the tile around the shower with white epoxy, so I left it unpainted for now. I couldn’t believe how much the white brightened up the room. I let the paint dry overnight, then put on the second coat the same way.

Here’s how the second coat looked:

I was obsessed with how bright and clean it looked already. The indented pattern from the tile shows through the paint and I actually think it looks really pretty!

The third coat:

I put on one more quick coat just to make absolutely certain everything was covered evenly. Then my curious side got the best of me and I ended up ripping the old trim off from around the shelf. It wasnt in great shape and it was disgusting underneath.

This was when I realized the cracks in the corners and along the ceiling looked very sloppy, so I decided to smooth it out with some paintable caulk. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference that made!

Before caulking:


Next, it was time to prep the tub surround for epoxy!

Stay tuned for part 3!

Before and after so far:


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2 Replies to “My Bathroom Makeover [Part 2]: Goodbye, Ugly Green Tile”

  1. Hey Lia! What was on the wall before you painted? Was it wall paper? I see the grooves so I’m curios to know what it is. Good job! It looks great so far!

    1. Hi Tasha! I’m not sure exactly what it would be called, but the best thing I can think of to compare it to would be linoleum flooring?? Haha it looks like sheets of high gloss tile that was attached to the wall with some sort of adhesive. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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