My Bathroom Makeover [Part 7] The Beginning of the End

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I’m so close to moving in to my house. It’s so exciting! Here’s the latest on my DIY bathroom update.

After the tub was all done being painted, my (lovely/wonderful/sweet) dad put my sink and toilet back together and installed my new taps. This is what the old faucet looked like:

It was definitely pretty dated and lacked personality. I could’ve lived with it, but I figured I might as well change it with the rest of the bathroom.

I picked up an oil rubbed bronze faucet set by Danze from Canadian Tire. I also got a plain black soap dish from Walmart so I’d have somewhere to put my soap (which is from Lush, of course!). Here’s how it all looked together:

Nice, isn’t it?

Take a look at how fabulous the vanity looks now that it’s complete:

I’m so happy with how it turned out (read about how I painted the vanity here). I still haven’t gotten screws for my sparkly drawer and cupboard knobs yet, but I’ll post a picture as soon as I do!

Jamie hung my door, installed my new doorknob, and hung up my shower curtain rod for me. I was so excited to get my door back!

The bathroom trim and baseboards were pretty ugly to begin with. They were kind of an odd cream colour, like this:

I had originally painted them the same colour I did my kitchen and living room walls (Beauti-tone’s Frosted Window), which didn’t look bad. But I wasn’t in love with it.

It blended in too much, and I wanted more of a contrast. I thought about doing black trim, to match the ceiling, but I had painted the door dark grey, so I didn’t think that would look great together either.

I ended up painting the baseboards and trim the same colour I used in the bedrooms (Beauti-tone’s Long John Grey). I taped both sides of all the trim with FrogTape and then painted on two coats of the paint. Here’s how it turned out:

I really like it! It’s a good in-between shade that contrasts well with the walls, flooring, and door.

This room is basically finished now! I wish I would’ve kept better track of how much I was spending. But, I know for sure I spent tons less than I would have if I hadn’t taken on the whole thing myself.

I should be moved in sometime in the next week or so! I’ll be posting one more bathroom update post with all my before and after pictures soon. Thanks for reading!

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