My Kitchen Transformation [Part 2]

Finally, my kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen! At the end of my last post, it was just an empty room with paint on the walls. Read about it here!

A couple days after I wrote that, I headed over to check if there was any progress. I didn’t take pictures, but my living room was FULL of boxes. My cabinets! My countertop! There were tons of boxes, which is good because I’m looking forward to having lots of cupboards (well, as many as I can have in my small kitchen).

The next time I went back, I was surprised to see the lower cabinets partially installed. I hadn’t seen any of the guys at my house, so I had just assumed they hadn’t been working. But here’s what they had done:

So exciting! And I’m so happy with the wall colour I chose. Next to the white cabinets, it definitely looks grey (not at all white, like my mom said). I can’t wait for the flooring to be put in. This beige flooring looks so dirty next to the bright white cabinets.

Tonight, I headed over again to see what they had done. Guys, it seriously looks amazing!

I’m obsessed with the black countertop. I just love the contrast between the cupboards and the counter. And with the nice grey on the walls, it’s a monochrome lover’s dream!

I’m in love! It’s just so beautiful. And the countertop is awesome quality. The best thing about it is that it won’t get scratched if I don’t grab a cutting board before chopping things. Plus, the colour!!! It’s called Luna Night. Isn’t that almost as pretty as the actual counter?

Here’s a closeup of the countertop. The photo kind of makes it look brown and it’s a little lighter in the photo than in real life. It’s super dark though! But in the picture you can see the pretty detail.

The last thing I have to point out is the lazy Susan in the corner! I’m excited about it because I hate corner cupboards. They’re like a dark abyss and everything gets so disorganized in there. This will make it so much easier to see what’s in the cupboard.

I cannot wait to see the finished product! I’m just so excited to have a beautiful kitchen.

What do you think so far? What’s your favourite thing about your own kitchen? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Looking good. I had my kitchen redone last year. You will love that lazy susan,I know I love mine. Also love the grey. Looks the same colour as my walls. I ‘m sure when its all done you will love it.

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