My Bathroom Makeover [Part 1]: Painting the Ceiling… Black!

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My house was built in 1955 and was owned by just one family before me. I bought it from a 95-year-old woman when she decided to move in with her adult children. So, as you can imagine, the entire house is a little… well… dated.

She also loved green. Like, “every-surface-in-the-house-painted-green” loved green. Hospital mint green. It’s not a terrible colour, unless its on everything, then it’s horrid.

I love monochrome colour schemes in houses, so since I bought the house a little under a month ago I’ve been dreaming of greys, whites, blacks, and silvers covering the never ending mint.

So, let’s talk about my horrific bathroom. Continue reading “My Bathroom Makeover [Part 1]: Painting the Ceiling… Black!”


Buying a House: 5 Tips for Success

Hello! I recently bought my very first house, which is both exciting and terrifying. I’ve been super busy getting myself organized and starting to get ready for renos!!!

My house is very sweet, but needs some work done. It’s likely going to become the focus of Probably Lia for awhile!

Since I read about 200 articles (I’m not exaggerating) about buying your first home, I figured I should post my top tips for the biggest purchase of my life so far. Buying a house at barely 22 years old is something I’m incredibly proud of, and I would love to help others make that dream a reality as well. I hope these 5 tips help someone who is thinking of starting their homeownership journey soon! Click here to read more!