My Bathroom Makeover [Part 6]: Who Knew You Could Paint a Bathtub?

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Hey everyone! My bathroom is sooooo close to being finished. I can’t believe how different it looks!

Today I’m sharing about how I painted my bathtub. That’s right, I completely refinished my tub with paint! Not just any paint though. I used Klenk’s Epoxy Enamel, which, unfortunately, isn’t on Amazon (I’ve heard great things about Rustoleum’s version of this product though, which you can find here!). Continue reading “My Bathroom Makeover [Part 6]: Who Knew You Could Paint a Bathtub?”


My Bathroom Makeover [Part 4]: Stripping the Vanity with Citristrip

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When I first saw my hideous bathroom, the only thing I liked was the vanity. Actually, I loved the vanity. While planning my bathroom update, I knew I wanted to keep it, but it definitely needed some TLC. Continue reading “My Bathroom Makeover [Part 4]: Stripping the Vanity with Citristrip”


My Kitchen Transformation [Part 2]

Finally, my kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen! At the end of my last post, it was just an empty room with paint on the walls. Read about it here!

A couple days after I wrote that, I headed over to check if there was any progress. I didn’t take pictures, but my living room was FULL of boxes. My cabinets! My countertop! There were tons of boxes, which is good because I’m looking forward to having lots of cupboards (well, as many as I can have in my small kitchen). Continue reading “My Kitchen Transformation [Part 2]”