The Best Tool for Easy Painting

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Have you heard of the EZ-Twist Paint Stick?

It is a life changer.

I had read a few reviews before I decided to buy one and I am SO glad that I did. It makes painting so much easier and way less messy. I haven’t painted much of my new house yet but I’ll get it done really quickly with this contraption!

Here’s how it works:

First, you clip the filler tube attachment to the edge of your paint can and put the other end into the hole on the Paint Stick’s handle. Then you pull back the end and suck paint into the inner tube. Then pull the filler tube out of the handle and leave it clipped to the paint can.

Next, twist the end of the Paint Stick until paint starts to flow through the holes in the roller head. It takes about one full tube of paint to get it started. After that, refill the tube inside the handle and then twist as needed to refill the roller cover.

That’s it! It’s so much easier than bending down every ten seconds to refill your roller in a paint tray. It also has a clip on drop tray to minimize splattering and dripping. Perfect for painting ceilings!

Cleaning it takes a little while but it’s worth it compared to the time spent actually painting. All the pieces come apart to rinse easily and there are step by step instructions included to make sure you get all the paint out.

If you don’t already have one of these, invest in one now! It’s such a timesaver.

Make sure to buy some extra roller covers to go with it too. You need to buy the roller covers that are made for the EZ-Twist Paint Stick (not regular roller covers!) because they have holes inside for the paint to flow through. Using regular roller covers will not work and will make a huge mess!

Buy the EZ-Twist Paint Stick here and roller covers here. If you use my links, it won’t cost any more for you, but I’ll receive a small amount for my recommendation!

What are your favourite painting tools? Share in the comments!

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